Guest Coaches

Guest coaches are welcome to bring students onto Skating Club of CNY club ice.

There have been safety concerns with low-level skaters on club ice. Due to the fact that we can not offer dedicated low and high ice times, we have instituted the following rules:

  1. No skater under the Learn to Skate USA pre-freeskate level is allowed to skate independently on club ice. These skaters must be in a private lesson and within arms reach of a coach at all times.

  2. We have made changes to our Learn to Skate program to allow for private lessons during Learn to Skate practice ice. Learn to Skate practice ice is available on Wednesday nights from 7-7:30 for students registered in the current Learn to Skate semester. We welcome guest coaches to use this time for lessons with their lower level skaters.

  3. We strongly encourage all skaters below the pre-freeskate level to attend Learn to Skate group lessons.

  4. Coaches should contact the board if they feel they have a lower-level student who can skate independently on club ice.

Guest coaches wishing to utilize our club ice must fill out the Guest Coach Form and submit their current USFSA professional number as well as their current insurance certificate. These may be submitted in advance via email to, or dropped off at the club desk prior to their first lesson.

Guest coaches may not give lessons to Skating Club of CNY club members without board permission.