Junior Membership

This is a limited membership for skaters who want to take a private lesson with one of our staff coaches on club ice. This is for skaters in the Learn to Skate USA program who are below a pre-freeskate level or low-level skaters who have chosen not to do Learn to Skate USA and other unique situation. This membership is available at the club’s discretion.

Junior members are only allowed to skate on club ice in a lesson with a staff coach. There is NO independent skating on club ice with this membership. Learn to Skate USA lessons are strongly encouraged to supplement a junior membership.

Junior members must purchase at least one 15 or 30 minute session of ice per week per block. Unused sessions may roll over to the next block.

A Learn to Skate USA or USFSA membership number is required. All Learn to Skate USA or USFSA memberships must be renewed by June 30th.

All junior members must fill out, sign, and return to the monitor desk a copy of the Membership form, Registration and Medical Authorization form, the Skater's Code of Conduct and the Parent's Code of Conduct.

All junior members must volunteer one time throughout the year.  There are volunteer opportunities during test sessions, Skate Challenge, and the Ice Show. Volunteer sign-ups will be available online via signup.com. We need your time to make our club successful and control costs.

There is a yearly $15 hospitality fee due at the time of membership renewal. This covers the cost of providing meals for judges and officials at our test sessions and competition.