SC of CNY Club Membership

Please renew your membership by June 30th online or at the club desk. Membership forms are available under the Club Membershipt tab on this website or at the club desk.

All club members must fill out, sign, and return to the monitor desk a copy of the Membership form, Registration and Medical Authorization form, the Skater's Code of Conduct and the Parent's Code of Conduct.

Each club member (member family) is required to work 12 volunteer hours on club events throughout the year.  There are volunteer opportunities during test sessions, Skate Challenge, and the Ice Show. Volunteer sign-ups will be available online via We need your time to make our club successful and control costs. Any hours not worked will incur a $10 per hour fee that is due prior to renewing membership for the next season.

There is a yearly $15 hospitality fee due at the time of membership renewal. This covers the cost of providing meals for judges and officials at our test sessions and competition.


For more information please contact
Kim Zdrojewski - Membership Chair
Phone  315-935-7233 (Cell)