Learn to Skate Classes with

Skating Club of C.N.Y.

The Skating Club of Central New York is proud to offer skating lessons for people of all ages - from three years old to adult!  Rental skates are included with all lessons.

We are excited to offer the Learn to Skate USA Program. Our classes are designed to develop skills used for figure skating, hockey and speed skating.

We offer 6 semesters of skating throughout the year. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings (6:30-8:30pm) and Saturday mornings (8:30-9:30am). Class times are as follows:

Wednesday evenings

6:30-7: lower-level lessons

7-7:30 practice ice - private coaching available

7:30-8 higher-level lessons

Saturday mornings

8:30-9 practice ice - private coaching available

9-9:30 all lessons


Feb. 27th – April 10th (Wednesday)

March 2nd - April 13th (Saturday)


May 1st - June 19th (Wednesday only)


July 10th - Aug. 21st (Wednesday only)

*Class prices depend on the number of weeks in each semester* 

Stop by the L.T.S Registration table on Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings if you have any questions.

You can also email us at INFO@SCCNY.ORG

Happy Skating!!!