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The Skating Club of Central New York (SCofCNY) is a member of U.S. Figure Skating (USFS) and operates under its rules and bylaws.  US Figure Skating sponsors the "Skate With Us" group lesson program, offering group instruction for all ability levels and ages.  Group lessons are offered year round on Wednesday evenings by skilled certified USFS instructors.

The SCofCNY skates year round.  Since our club is centrally located and hosts several surrounding clubs during the spring through fall sessions.  Our ice packages are sold by "Blocks".  By dividing our skating year into "Blocks" our seasonal skating guests are more easily accommodated.

"BLOCKS" Our skating season is comprised of (4) blocks.  Each "block" is typically 10 weeks long.  Ice is offered Mon-Thurs throughout the year with Friday's being offered April-June.  Please click on our "Ice Schedule" link for more scheduling information.

"SESSIONS" Skating sessions are 45 minutes long.  Skaters may purchase as many or few sessions as they wish per day or per week.  Most (but not all) days are typically comprised of four (4) sessions.  Home club members must skate at least two sessions per week to maintain home club status.

"PACKAGES" During each block, skaters are encouraged to purchase "Packages".  "Packages" are customized by the skaters, pre-selecting their skating days and number of sessions per day that they choose to skate while still offering flexibility.  "Packages" offer ice time at less expensive rates compared to walk on fees.  Forms may be obtained at the desk or by clicking onto our "Ice Package Forms" link.

"WALK ON'S" Our current walk-on-fee is $15 per 45 minute session or $25 for 1 and 1 1/2 hours.
Disciplines Offered:

Freestyle - Freestyle is the most often recognized discipline or our sport.  freestyle is the practice of jumps, spins, footwork and artistry within a skating "program" set to music.
Moves in the Field - Elements of turns, edges, spirals, form, control, balance and speed are taught to help skaters with their overall ability.  Moves in the field are a required discipline as a pre-requisite to testing freestyle levels.

Ice Dancing - There are currently 33 set pattern dances organized into seven levels (preliminary-Gold).  These dances have set music, steps and patterns.  Dances are practiced and tested both individually and with a dance partner.  "Dance" music is provided by the "SCofCNY".

Synchronized Team Skating - Teams are generally compromised of anywhere between 8-24 skaters on a team.  Categorized into different levels determined by skills passed, a team skates as one unit, demonstrating unison and artistry while performing complex moves to music in a "program".

Group Lessons - group lessons consist of 4-12 skaters specifically categorized by levels passed with lesson times approximately 30 minutes long.  group lessons provide enjoyable and safe skating experiences, as well as social relationships during group instruction.  They teach correct technique of basic elements and develop a finer degree of coordination and balance as well as promoting physical fitness.  Children are periodically "tested" to determine if they have demonstrated and achieved the skills necesary for thei level, and to move forward to the next higher level.  Purchasing" sessions" within the SCofCNY is highly recommendedfor extra practice to help your skater move forward easily.  Private lessons are available and can be arranged with our staff professionals during these sessions. Click on the "Basic Skills" link for more info.

Initiation program - The SCofCNY has developed an "Initiation Program" to help skaters "bridge" from group membership to club membership.  The program introduces skaters and their parents to skating on club ice time and private lessons at a discounted rate for both for a period of seven weeks.  The program helps to spark the interest of the child and determine if figure skating is a sport in which they want to become more involved in.  For more information on our Initiation Program, please click onto our "Learn to Skate" link.

Testing (USFS) - SCofCNY offers four USFS test sessions each year (November, March, June, August).  Higher level skaters are asked to present their skills in front of a panel of US Figure Skating judges for evaluation.  Passing of such tests moves a skater on to the next higher level.  Skaters that do not pass may repeat the test after 28 days.

Skate Challenge Competition - The SCofCNY hosts its open invitational competition in March.  An extensive range of levels are offered for freestyle, dance, compulsory skills and basic skills.  All levels and ages are welcome, beginner through advanced as well as tots through adults.  The competition is also utilized as afund raising event to help keep skating and ice costs down to our members.

Annual Ice Show - Each year the SCofCNY hosts an ice show/bake sale.  The show gives our club members opportunity to show off the skills and progression achieved each year to their parents, grandparents and family members as well as the general public.  The Ice Show is another important part of our fund raising events to keep skating and ice costs done.  Click onto our "ice show" link for pictures from our most recent show and show information.