2017-2018 SEASON

SCCNY Offers Ice Skating Lessons on Wednesday Evenings & Saturday mornings!


To inquire about joining the classes mid term- please contact us at info@sccny.org

Semester 1

Wednesday           9/13 - 10/25       7 weeks       $88 LTS / $165 Intro to Synchro

Saturday              9/16 - 10/28       7 weeks       $88 LTS / $165 Bridge

Semester 2

Wednesday          11/1 - 12/20        7 weeks        $88 LTS / $196 Intro to Synchro    No class on 11/22

Saturday             11/4 - 12/16        6 weeks        $78 LTS / $149 Bridge                      No class on 11/25

Semester 3

Wednesday          1/3 - 2/14          7 weeks        $88 LTS / $196 Intro to Synchro    No class on 2/21

Saturday             1/6 - 2/17          6 weeks        $78 LTS / $149 Bridge                      No class on 2/3

Semester 4

Wednesday          2/28 - 4/18        8 weeks        $98 LTS

Saturday             3/3 - 4/21          7 weeks        $88 LTS / $165 Bridge                      No class on 3/10

Semester 5

Wednesday          5/2 - 6/20        7 weeks        $88 LTS / $165 bridge                      

Semester 6

Wednesday          7/11 - 8/22        7 weeks        $88 LTS / $165 bridge       


Wednesday Class times

6:30-7:00pm Snowplow levels - thru Basic 3

7:00-7:30pm Basic 4-8, Freestyle 1-6

7:30-8:30PM Intro to Synchro (Semester 1,2 and 3)

7:30-8:30PM Bridge (Semester 5 and 6)


Saturday Class Times 

Bridge Class


8:30-9:00am Practice Ice

9:00-9:30am Group Lessons (Snowplow Sam - Pre-Freeskate)


Wednesday group times may change with enrollment numbers - Please expect to be here for 6:30-7:30 - This will allow your skater practice time before or after classes. Class times will be posted on the first day of classes at the rin

LTS Policies

1)   all skaters must register with learn to skate usa prior to beginning lessons with us.  this yearly membership runs July 1st - june 30th of each year regardless of when you become a member.  skaters will not be allowed to participate in class without this membership.

2)   all registration will need to be completed via the web/paper form prior to the first day of classes. If skaters walk in and sign up on the spot, it doesn’t allow the organizers to be prepared with an appropriate number of coaches. We want to provide you with the highest quality instruction, so we ask for your assistance with this

3)    Missing Classes/Make-up Classes: When we put together a learn-to-skate semester, we determine what our coaching needs are based on the number of registered skaters.  We then hire staff, recruit class assistants to help and book our ice.  Even if a skater misses a class or multiple classes in a semester, the cost of our staff, ice and other expenses remains the same  

As a result, no credits will be given for classes that are missed. You are welcome to make up a class on the other day classes are offered (Wednesdays and Saturdays) with pre-approval from the LTS desk.

All make up classes must be done during the same semester. If you are unable to make up a class, unfortunately, we cannot offer credits or refunds. If you know that you will be missing a class please stop at the desk and let them know when during the current semester you will be making up the lesson. The desk will provide you with the paperwork needed to make up a class

4)    No credits or refunds will be given after week 2. No credits will be allowed to be carried over into future semesters.  

Please feel free to stop by the registration table on Wednesday’s or Saturday’s if you have any questions.  You can also email us at info@sccny.orG